I am biologist interested in molecular bases that shape phenotypic differences, with an emphasis on the regulation of gene expression. Sexual dimorphism and determination/differentiation mechanisms are privileged models for such questions, in both a developmental and an evolutionary point of vue. I am particularly thrilled by integrative studies and applied comparative genomics (DNAseq), transcriptomics (RNAseq), epigenomics (ChIPseq) and proteomics (label-free quantification) approaches to understand genetic bases of sexes ans sex-specific gene expression mechanisms in non-model organisms (schitosome parasites, moths).

I joined the Bravo’s group in April 2019 to be part of the ERC CODOVIREVOL project and study the phenotypic impact of codon usage preferences at the modelucar and cellular level, in transfected human cell lines.

Keywords: Codon usage preference, Regulation of gene expression, Comparative genomics, Sex chromosomes, Host-Parasite interaction

Marion is currently a post-doctoral searcher at the Oceanologic Observatory of Bayuls sur Mer.